Terms of use

Updated : December 2017

This document specifies the general rental conditions "Pen-er-Houët".

It aims to define the conditions of reservation and seasonal rental stay of this furnished and equipped house.

It was agreed between the parties :

the Lessor shall rent to the Lessee the accommodation as described below under the following conditions:

Article 1 - General provisions

No modification, erasure or overloading is accepted in the drafting of the rental agreement, or in these terms and conditions without the agreement of both parties.

Article 2 - Purpose of the lease

The parties declare that this lease is not for leased premises for use as a main dwelling or a mixed-use business and a main dwelling.

Consequently, they agree that their respective rights and obligations will be governed by the stipulations of this contract, by the decree of December 28, 1976 amended and failing this by the provisions of the civil code.

The premises covered by this contract are rented furnished on a seasonal basis.

Article 3 - Purpose of the lease

Rental "Pen-er-Houët"
Address of accommodation : Pen-er-Houët, 56740 Locmariaquer, France
Year of construction : 1929
Details and reference of the announcement : http://www.penerhouet.com/en

Article 4 - Length of stay

The Lessor shall rent the accommodation to the Lessee for a period agreed between the two parties (generally from Saturday to Saturday for a period of 7, 14 or 21 days).

Under no circumstances may the lessee claim any right to maintain the premises at the end of the stay.

Article 5 - Arrival and departure times

The rental week starts on Saturday at 3:30 pm and ends on the following Saturday at 10:30 am depending on the number of weeks.
In case of a change of arrival time, the tenant will have to inform by telephone the person who receives it as soon as possible, and will tell him his approximate time of arrival.
Check out is at 10:30, by the owner or his representative.
The Tenant expressly agrees to have fully released the accommodation on Saturday at 10:30 at the latest, and to return the keys to the Lessor.

Article 6 - Purpose of the lease

The parties agree to rent a certain amount depending on the period chosen for the entire duration of the lease.

To this amount is added the tourist tax is 1.10 euros / day / (adult or child over 13 years) that is due by the taker.

The rent above includes, for the duration of the lease, the payment of the rental charges and available supplies recalled hereafter:
- City water / pumping water
- Bottle gases
- Heating
- Electricity

The Lessor shall deliver to the Lessee a receipt for any payment made.

Article 7 - Booking and down payments

In order to proceed with the booking of the accommodation, the Lessee pays a down payment corresponding to 30% of the rent of the full term.
Payment of the deposit can be made by:

Article 8 - Payment of the prize

The balance (including 70% of the rent of the full term and the tourist tax), must be paid by the Tenant at the latest upon entry into the accommodation.
The Taker will make this payment by check or cash.

At the beginning of the rental, the Landlord will give the Tenant the keys and the instructions relating to the accommodation; an inventory will also be drawn up between the two parties.

Article 9 - Security Deposit

At the latest when entering the premises, the Lessee will give the Landlord an amount of 500.00 euros as security deposit to cover the damage and / or damage to housing and furniture and objects lining the dwelling caused by the Tenant, as well as the loss of keys or objects.

The security deposit will be returned to the Lessee within a maximum period of one month after his / her departure, minus any damages for damages and / or damage to the accommodation and the furniture and objects lining the accommodation caused by the Tenant, as well as as the loss of keys or objects.

The deposit may be constituted by the delivery of a deposit check signed to the order of Lessor that the latter will return subject to inventory and inventory complies with the return of the keys.

Article 10 - Assignment and subletting

This lease is concluded intuitu personae for the benefit of the only lessee identified at the beginning of the contract.

Any assignment of this lease, any sub-lease total or partial, any provision - even free - are strictly prohibited. The Lessee can not leave the disposal of the premises, even free of charge and / or by loan, to a person outside his home.

Article 11 - Inventory and inventories

An inventory and an inventory of the furniture made available to the Tenant are given to the lessee upon entry into the dwelling.
If the inventory and the inventory are not established and signed by the Lessor, or his representative, and the Tenant simultaneously (inventory and contradictory inventories), the inventory of fixtures and inventory made by the Lessor only and delivered to the Tenant upon his entry into the accommodation will be contestable by the Tenant within 48 hours of entry into the accommodation. In the absence of dispute by the Tenant within this 48 hour period, the inventory and inventory made by the Lessor and communicated to the Tenant on his entry into the premises will be deemed accepted without reservation by the Tenant.

An inventory and inventory will be established by the Parties at the end of the lease, each retaining a signed copy.

In the absence of inventory and / or inventory at the end of the lease or if the Lessee establishes the inventory of fixtures and / or inventory at the end of the lease, the absence of dispute by the Lessor within 48 hours after the end of the rental will be worth restitution places in good condition and / or complete inventory.

Article 12 - Declaration of the lessor

The Landlord declares that he is the owner of the dwelling and has the free disposal and full enjoyment of it during the period defined in paragraph 3.

The Lessor will justify this by producing an EDF receipt, a Land Tax Notice or any other official document.

Article 13 - Obligations of the lessee

- The Lessee shall peacefully use the rented accommodation and the furniture and equipment according to the destination which has been given to them by the lease and will answer for the damages and losses which could occur during the duration of the contract in the premises of which it has the exclusive enjoyment.

- The Lessee will maintain the rented accommodation and will make it in a good state of cleanliness and rental repairs at the end of the contract. If items in the inventory are broken or damaged, the Lessor may claim their replacement value.

- It must avoid any noise likely to annoy the neighbors, especially those emitted by radio, television and other devices.

- The Lessee may not exercise any recourse against the Lessor in case of theft and depredation in the rented premises.

- He will respect the number of 7 people maximum able to sleep in the places , according to the description which has been given to him.

- The lessee may not oppose the visit of the premises if the Lessor or his agent so request.

- In the absence of restitution of the accommodation in perfect state of cleanliness, the Tenant undertakes to take at his own expense the cleaning that the Lessor will be forced to carry out.

Article 14 - Cancellation

The signing of the contract binds both parties irrevocably. No termination is possible without the written agreement of the parties. If the Lessee renounces the rent, he remains liable for the full rent.

Article 15 - Insurance

The Lessee has taken out a multi-risk insurance to protect himself against the rental risks (water damage, fire ...). The lack of insurance, in case of disaster, will give rise to damages.
The lessor undertakes to insure the housing against rental risks on behalf of the tenant, the latter having the obligation to report to him, within 24 hours, any incident occurred in the housing, its dependencies or accessories

Article 16 - Termination of right

In the event of a breach by the Lessee of any of the contractual obligations, this lease will be terminated automatically. This termination will take effect after a delay of 48 hours after a simple summons by registered letter or letter hand-delivered remained unsuccessful.

Article 17 - Election of domicile

For the execution hereof, the Lessor and the Lessee shall elect domicile in their respective homes. However, in case of dispute, the court of domicile of the Lessor shall have sole jurisdiction. This contract and its consequences are subject to French law.

Annex 1 - Description of the accommodation

Number of main rooms : 6
Total area of ​​rented premises : 135 m²
Land : 3500 m² approximately

Raised ground floor :
- Kitchen (13 m²)
- Dining room (17 m²)
- Lounge (15 m²)
- Independent WC
- Note: 1 additional room on the ground floor is not accessible for rent.

1st floor :
- Bedroom 1 (15m²)
- Bedroom 2 (15m²)
- Bedroom 3 (15m²)
- TV room (15m²)
- Bathroom (4m²) with WC

Secondary parts:
- Veranda (7m²)

Garage / Parking spaces: None (possibility nonetheless to park in front of the house)

Appendix 2 - Housing situation

Exhibition and view: East West exposure. View of the Gulf of Morbihan (Auray River)
Distance from the sea: 200m from the Gulf of Morbihan.
Distance from the city center: 3 km from the village of Locmariaquer
Distance to shops: 3 km
Distance from the nearest beach: 3 km from Saint-Pierre beach
Distance from SNCF train station: 13 km from Auray SNCF train station